Conch 47 test ride

Conch 47 Hull#1 splashed for weight and performance studies.


Nearly 30 years ago the legendary Conch 27 was conceived by Key West professional fishing guides and designed by a renowned naval architect to be the ultimate "no frills" fishing platform. Performance, stability, overbuilt construction, ample storage, large live-wells and fish-boxes were the focal points in the design. This resulted in an extremely strong, efficient, stable, dry, and spacious fishing platform. These attributes are what made Conch truly legendary. A traditional curved and crowned full transom, broken shear line, tumblehome aft hull sides, and sharp entry created the classic looks. In 2005 R & R Boatworks, a previous 27 customer, bought the company from Eddy & Duff, designed and introduced the Conch 33, a larger exact version of the Conch 27. We still build the boats as they were originally built, but with some significant improvements to fit & finish work, hatch & gutter design, console design; and began using higher tech materials and construction methods. We have also incorporated more comfort and family feature and options.

Being completely custom, no boat is the same. We utilize more customer feedback than any other company on the market to truly build your boat unique to your preferences. Extreme amounts of detail go into each boat. Therefore, we only build a very limited number of boats a year. This improves quality control and greatly effects the resale value by limiting the number of boats in the market.

In 2015 R&R Boatworks introduced the Conch 30, with a slightly longer running surface than the 27, adding an integrated transom platform.

In 2016 R&R Boatworks and naval architects started conceptual design work and computer modeling on what evolved as our Conch 47 model and also "in-house" designed and built the first 26 Bay Boat prototype. The prototype was used as a test model for the final Conch 26 Bay Boat design which is currently in development scheduled for production beginning in the 3rd quarter of this year. See Conch 27 Hybrid Bay Boat & Conch 47pages for more details and pictures.

LATEST NEWS (October 2017):

Current Projects:

Under construction: Conch 27 (Hull #18), Conch 30 (Hull#6 , 10 & 11), Conch 33 (Hull#14,17 & 18). Conch 47 (Hull #1, 2, & 3), Conch 42 (Hull #1).

Pending starts: Conch 27 (Hull #19 & 20), Conch 30 (Hull#12), Conch 33 (Hull #19), Conch 47 (Hull #4, 5, & 6)

Development Projects:

Conch Hybrid "Bay Boat". Currently in design phase and soon to start Tooling phase. Planning availability mid 2018. The design evolved from the legendary Conch27. Shearline was cut down 7". Approximately 8" of draft has been removed from the aft keel section, but It still has a 22.5 degree dead rise aft and the Conch deep V forward. It is a true "Hybrid" design that can run offshore or in shallow waters.

We are now in the tooling & construction phases (see photos) for our newest model Conch 47 (Center Console and Walk-Around models), Construction of Hull #47-1 started in May, vacuum infusing the hull then hand laminating Carbon Fiber on the hull bottom, sides, and stringers for increased stiffness and superior strength. We are currently conducting sea trials of hull #1 rigged with quad Verado 400's. Initial performance hit top speed of 68.2 mph, cruised at 40mph @ 4000rpm, burning 35mpg. Props and engine height adjustments should improve performance. More testing this week.

Hull 47-3 in in glass shop and being infused next week. Hull #47-2 was infused and stringers and bulkhead are being installed along with Hull 42-1. We are currently taking reservations for 47 models with delivery dates beginning later this year. These new models will be high performance ultimate tournament fishing platforms, built with the same structural integrity and fishing features which has made Conch famous.

We are beginning development in on our "Conch 39" which will be an all new design. Integrated bracket, new larger console, but the same bottom characteristics as our Conch 27. More cockpit space, more comfort. Set up for triple outboards. Look for updates for details and availability.

R&R Boatworks is committed to expanding the Conch models to address the market needs, yet without compromise to the highest quality materials, construction methods, and customization, all that have made the Conch product legendary over the past 3 decades.

Contact us to schedule a sea trial or a plant visit. See why building and owning a Conch is "For a Select Few".