Composite hull lamination

Our construction methods are what separates us from the other boat manufacturers. Our hull starts off with only the finest materials; biaxial fabrics, vinylester resins, vaccum-bagging Corecell foam, and high-density foam transom.


Stringers and Bulkheads

3" longitudinal, foam-encapsulated, full-height stringers are fully laminated to the hull on its bottom and sides. 2" transverse bulkheads are then laminated to the stringers, hull, bottom, and sides, creating all compartments to maximize all usable space (no liners).


fuel tank installation

Custom, aluminium fuel tanks are custom fit into sealed compartments, bolted to stringers and bulkheads, foamed in, then fully fiberglassed on top to prevent water intrusion.


deck installation

Our 1" foam-composite deck is bonded to stringers, bulkheads, and cleat with methacrylate adhesive, then fiberglass-laminated 360 degrees on top and to all stringers and bulkheads below deck.



Since there is not a deck inner-liner, each boat's deck and interior sides are faired, primed, then painted with Awlgrip paints.

Interior ready for Awl-Grip paint

hull gunnel cap

Our foam composite gunnel is bonded to the hull with adhesive, thru-bolted, and then fiberglassed to support gussets and bulkheads.

Custom console layout

final assembly

Our console is bonded to the deck with adhesive, thru-bolted, and fiberglassed on the inside to the deck and stringers. Stainless Steel hardware installed with thru-bolts. Rub rail is installed with thru-bolts and tapping screws.



Hull 33-18

August 12- Hull gelcoated and skinned..

Hull 42-1

Hull 42-1

August 13-At our Stuart shop getting ready to start process.

Full height longitudinal stringers being installed

Hull 47-2

July 15-Ready for full height stringers and bulkheads.

Console dry fit inside Hull #1

Hull 47-1

August 12-Hull #1 Fuel tanks ready for install. Bilges painted and ready for plumbing, decks fabricated, console fabricated, quad Verado 400's ready for install.


Hull 33-16

August 12-In Rigging. Console, Cap, T-Top, Bracket, and electronics installed. Ready for motors.


Hull 27-18

August 12-In Rigging Shop starting installation of plumbing and wiring.


Hull 30-8

August 12-Final rigging underway. Ready for sea trial next week.

Conch 33 "Guide Edition"

Conch 33 "Guide Edition";

Guide Edition hull, cap, and engine cowl just out of mold.


Hull 33-14

August 13-All stringers and bulkheads installed. Fuel tanks installed. Ready for bilge prep and under deck rigging.


Conch 30-10

August 12- prepping hull mold for gelcoat


Hull 30-6

August 12: In Paint Shop fared and primed. Cap, console, and hatches painted and ready for installation


Hull 33-17

August 12-Ready for sole installation and move to paint shop this week.